Paul Speidel Band


Paul Speidel, Jay Geils
(left) and Gerry Beaudoin
(center) play their first
show together.

Paul Speidel Band with
James Montgomery.

Paul with KD

Paul Speidel with K.D.Bell
at Johnny D's

Paul Speidel and Michelle
Willson at the
Blues Showcase.

Paul Speidel Band
publicity photo, 1995

Paul Speidel Band --
The Early Years: 1994

Paul Speidel with Little Annie
Raines at the Blues Showcase.

Jay Geils at the Blues Showcase

At the Blues Showcase with
John Wiesner (Bass), Brendan
Byrnes (Drums), "Sax" Gordon
Beadle (Tenor Sax) and
Paul Speidel (Guitar).

Brendan Drummer

Paul Speidel Band drummer
Brendan Byrnes in studio.

Ed Spango Bass

Paul Speidel Band bassist
Ed Spargo in studio.

Chris Brown Vocalist

Paul Speidel with Chris
"Stovall" Brown at the
Blues Showcase.

Paul Speidel with "Sax"
Gordon Beadle.

Debut Show at Ryles

Debut Show at Ryles!

CD Release Party for
"Guitar Bass Drums" at
Cantab Underground

Performing live at F-1 for
the Boston Blues Challenge

Paul Speidel Band Debut CD
Release Party at The Attic
featuring special guests
Forrest Padgett (Radio Kings)
on drums, Alizon Lissance
(Lovedogs) on keyboard,
and Dave Moore on
Musical Saw!

The Paul Speidel Band Taped
Together CD release party at the
Stagecoach Inn with Guest
Bassist, John Wiesner

Hey Everybody CD release party
at the Midway Cafe!

Duke, Paul and Gerry

Duke Robillard, Paul and Gerry
Beaudoin at the Blues
Showcase in Newton

Bobby Caban

Bobby Caban (1957-2007)
Paul Speidel Band Drummer
during the 1990's

Previous Engagements CD Party

Previous Engagements CD
Release Party at the Bull Run
with Kenny Larsen

Paul with Greg Piccolo, original
member of Roomful of Blues

2008 Boston Blues Challenge Finals!
"It was a fun night, you and your band sounded fabulous!!" — Heather McKibben (President, Boston Blues Society)