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Taped Together
"Electric blues guitarist Paul Speidel and his band put on an exciting show with passionate and intrictate jazz and blues sets!"
— Boston Magazine's Go-To Guide
Paul Speidel Band CD

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Taped Together features bassist and founding member of the Paul Speidel Band, John Wiesner, along with longtime drummer, Brendan Byrnes and Paul Speidel on guitar. These digitally remastered recordings were drawn from radio broadcasts and live club shows during the early- and mid-90s. These are the high-energy excursions of accomplished players who together developed a strong musical direction and group identity, which have lead the band for the past fourteen years.

  1. Plug In! - Listen
  2. Blues Jam - Listen
  3. Just Shufflin' Around - Listen
  4. ON AIR
  5. Signature Tune
  6. Gotta Get It Jump Started
  7. Thrilled to Meet You
  8. Brendan Byrnes
  9. untitled (TCTWEPTAAB)
  10. I'm Just Thrilled
  11. Gate Mudddymouth Brownwater
  12. Search Engine Song, or The Lonely Duet
  13. Latin Groove
  14. Struttin' for Miles with Mike